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Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.1.8 Multilingual

Windows 10 Manager is a software tool for improving, tuning, restoring and cleaning Windows 10. It will increase the speed of your system, eradicate system failure, boost system security and meet all your expectations.


Help you find out the installation key for Windows, Office products; display all detailed information about running processes and threads on your machine; Windows 10 Manager provides 1-click Cleaner to automatically clean your system; Repair Center helps you fix various system issues.


Adjust your system to improve windows start-up and shutdown speed, adjust your hardware to increase device speed and performance; monitor what starts on Windows start-up, test and fix advanced start-up items to restore malicious virus change; set up and automate system services and schedule tasks, smartly turn off some unwanted system services and system performance tasks.


Check and files or directories contain and view the hard drive space; smart uninstaller can remove programs from your machine without any residual registry file; pick and clean junk files for hard disk space; duplicate files Finder can search your computer for the same length, name and time for modifying files; registry cleaner checks and correctly connected repair Registry Cleaner.


Change your device look by modifying window Explorer, Desktop, Start menu, Task Bar and notification area; Add pinned items and can add all Taskbar and Start screen files / folders; Build fast startup items with Jump List launcher in the task bar; Determove Windows 10 boot list; Edit right-click mouse context menus; easily edit the Win + X menu shown in the right-click Visual Customizer can alter device and icons of a file type, automatically change the lock image.


Improve system security by changing system components, UAC and login settings; adjusting system restore options; hide and restrict access to drives and programs; encrypt / decrypt files, transfer system directories to secure locations; erase files that are accidentally deleted or formatted on disk; Privacy Protector will protect your personal privacy by deleting tracks that you left behind; cover, add files that are accidentally deleted or formatted on disk;


Optimize your Internet connection speed, manage all sharing items; easily change the Mcft Edge and Internet Explorer; IP Switcher can easily switch your IP address to different networks; edit the host file to speed up internet surfing and allow access only to the designated server.

Misc. Utilities:

Show Start Screen and Taskbar the list of Windows utilities and pin device items; break and merge any files; use Super Copy to automatically back up files periodically. Registry tools allow you to quickly manage your registry.


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