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Xara Designer Pro X

Graphic design, web design, image editing, illustration and DTP. The Zara Designer Pro X is the ultimate package for your designs. Zara Designer ProX combines graphic and web design, illustration, photo editing and desktop publishing. It’s all in one compact workspace.

Graphic design and illustration

Create graphics and illustrations exactly the way you want and use a diverse set of tools to give them a custom, custom touch.

Vector graphics

Powerful drawing tools allow you to draw lines, shapes and curves using vectors and adjust scales without loss of quality. Your photos look very nicely below. This is perfect for when you need graphics in different sizes for different uses.

Essential effects

Create intuitively interesting effects such as transparency, outlines and gradations to give your graphics and illustrations a special touch.

Get artistic with brushes

Be Artistic With Brushes Select a great selection of art brushes, then draw creative lines and turn each of your photos into works of art.

Adaptable shapes

Get started with any look and turn it into a custom design element for your graphics and illustrations.


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Stock photos

Includes a wide selection of agency photos to choose from in stock photos.

Graphics & illustrations

Graphics and illustrations Access the fantastic collection of graphic design and illustrations.

Web design

Creating a website has never been easier: Choose your favorite template, add your photos and text – that’s it!

Panorama photo slider

Use the full width of your website to present your photos. It displays your photos and makes your site a unique view. Expand the slider any way you want – from a prominent call-to-action button or a custom header.

Parallax scrolling

Add more dynamics and depth to your website: Elements like content and images provide you with an interactive user experience as you scroll.

Sticky objects

Sticky items are not affected by scrolling and remain visible in the same location. This is especially practical when you need to use the navigation bar.

Reveal effects

Use Object Reveal Effects to remove elements as soon as the relevant area of ​​your site is shown in the browser. Adds movement and variety to this page.

Adjust the brightness, contrast, color and saturation in the images at all, or use 1-click correction. For more precise results yours, edit the rating curves for your photos or use a professional white balance.

Erase backgrounds

Create a mask to easily remove the item’s background. Just mask this thing, almost erase the background and remove it with one click.

Cut items

Cut out individual sections of your image or cut figures. Use the mouse to select the sketch and the magnet will automatically draw a path.

Perfect photo retouching

Use the Touch tool and fully customizable tooltips to easily touch areas of an image.

Impressive photo filters

Impressive photo filters present a different photo each time. Select only 140 photo filters in the Online Content Catalog catalog ** and apply it to your image with a single click.

Photo grids for collages

Create smooth photo collages. Select any template you want from the online content catalog ** and then drag and drop your images into different positions.

Brighten or darken areas

Improve parts of an image during editing. The Color Dodge and Color Burn tool lets you darken or darken precise areas within an image.

Straighten the horizon Is the horizon a slate in your photo?

In Zara Designer Pro X you can simply use the “Straight Horizon” slider to adjust the position of the photo.

Wide range of print and online posts

Zara Designer Pro X includes all the tools you need to create and publish sophisticated documents. This software deals with a fan in various formats, even with multi-page posts. When you need results, the Faster: Online Content List ** includes a ton of templates that feature 100 custom customizations, plus over 1 million photos and graphics that you can use for your posts.

CMYK support

Maintain the correct color through the final print. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key) help give you the exact color you need for flyers, photos and documents. Choose the file format independently.

Select file formats freely

With Zara Designer ProX, you can import, edit and export almost all file formats. You can easily exchange documents and photos with colleagues and friends without interruption.


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