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Nuance Omnipage Ultimate v19.6 Multilanguage

OmniPage is the flagship of Novus for scanning and converting Ultimate documents. Ideal for processing, distributing and storing paper and PDF documents for business users, small offices and workgroups.

OmniPage Ultimate enables maximum use of your network scanner:

You can scan documents directly to a local computer or network server. This ECM system is designed to process large volumes of documents from various devices for storing documents and converting documents to cloud storage services. The Omni page converts Ultimate TurnPapers, forms, photos from digital cameras, and PDF documents into electronic files. They can then be edited, searchable, forwarded, and read on mobile devices in natural sound.

More specifically, to detect the setting of digital photos and documents

The new omni page once again sets new standards for conversion accuracy. The accuracy of OCR for digital photos was increased by 25%. In addition, the Omni page now automatically detects if the input is a digital photo, and automatically applies the appropriate 3D correction for appropriate results. The layout change was improved. Many output formats are now supported, including eBook formats for mobile devices.

OmniPage Launchpad

The OmniPage is a real-time saver, and the new version is fast and easy to use. Provides new Launchpad for: It provides faster and easier access to powerful conversion features in the Omni page. Now you have to click on the tablet to change the document and send it to any destination – such as the desired action button on the Launchpad interface. Features with no performance and time saving.

OmniPage ® DocuDirect

Scan documents and support forwards to the Microsoft server environment now
Small offices or workgroups using Network Scanner are an ideal and affordable solution for small volumes of documents and their conversion and transmission with OmniPageDocument. Digital copiers, MFPs, and all of these devices that offer only limited conversion and forwarding functions and are designed for small scanning jobs, can be used the most. The omni-page Doku Direct is installed on a network server or shared computer that can be accessed from a scanning device. Convert files about a changed Omni page to a bar code-driven workflow can be automatically sent to one or more targets, or to any recipient.

Able to find PDFs that are more productive and accurate than ever before

PDF files can now be found everywhere. However, the origins and contents can be very different. You can add scanned pages, embedded images, and text-based information. Some of these items included Fully Text Search. The problem is that many consumers are not aware, and there is this problem. Although PDF files can be created by the traditional OCR process? , But it only works with scanned PDF documents that have not been modified. When you run the OCR process on text-based PDF files, existing text elements are already eliminated in the creation of searchable PDF formats.

The ED Discovery Assistant for Search PDF Omni Page solves this problem. This intelligent process analyzes different types of PDF files, and determines which files or pages need to be identified. We have this excellent omni page in Dock Direct Integrated, so that the process can now be performed automatically in conjunction with the monitoring folder on the server.

Listen to documents on the road in a natural voice

The Omni Page was a particularly powerful voice technologically advanced speech technology from Nuance. So you can read them documents on your iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device that supports MP3 audio files.

Read the documentation on the eBook reader

The Omni Page now supports the popular, popular with popular, book readers ePub format. You can change over time and read your documents on the go. Works with eBook applications on the following readers: Apple iPad, Android Tablets, Microsoft Surface, Nokia Simple Touch, Nokia Tablet, Sony Reader PRS-350 / PRS-650 / PRS-950, Kobo eReader, Kobo Touch and Kobo arc.

Document archive with enhanced PDF / A

OmniPage is ideal for creating PDF documents that require long-term storage in PDF / A format. To address the need to save documents, the omni page now supports new PDF / A output options, including PDF / A-2B and PDF / A-2U.

Outstanding OCR Accuracy

Even more powerful OCR engines provide amazing identity accuracy – ideal for exchanging and storing business and critical documents.

Layout from original layout

Authenticated conversion and easy editing of documents. Including all columns, tables, tablets and graphics.

Grab documents on the go

Capture text with a digital camera or iPhone with Then replace the image file with the newest 3D-correction technology in the text on the PC.

Works with virtually any scanner

If your device can scan, it can work with the Omni page. Mobile scanners, desktop scanners, all-in-one and multi-function printers work more efficiently and with greater accuracy using OmniPage.

Supports all your favorite applications

Support for many output formats: PDF, HTML, Corel ® Word Pract ®, Microsoft۔ Word, Excel ®, PowerPoint ® (PPTX), ePub, and more.

Switching to Documents and Cloud Services

You can get and edit documents directly from Windows Live SkyDrive, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox and many other services. Needson Cloud Connector in collaboration with Glendinet.

Practical batch processing

Large amount of documents from folders or your inbox .This batch processing time automatically.

Form processing

Convert to electronic formats to distribute and fill out electronic formats. OmniPage can collect data in PDF or paper form and export it to a spreadsheet or database.

Automatically black out and highlight

Automatically make the secret content in the document unrecognizable or remove important content. The Omni page can automatically detect and search for text based on you.

Discover more than 120 languages

Easily change, edit, and archive documents from around the world: Does the Omni Page recognize Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic-based languages? Also Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


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