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MSTech Easy Desktop Organizer Pro

To get faster access, most of us store our commonly used files , directories, and shortcuts of applications on our desktop. Ultimately by the time we end up with a messy and frustrating screen. Because of a cluttered desktop with a lot of disorganized files, we ‘re spending a lot of time searching our files you like.

MSTech EDO is a desktop organizer that lets you access your files , directories and shortcuts while the desktop is clean and organized.

Easy to Use
Simply build windows with the group names named EDO. Only drag and drop them over the EDO windows, keep unlimited number of files, folders and shortcuts categorized by your theme.

Quick Access to Your Files/Folders
With MSTech EDO, get easy access to any file and folder from any route through the EDO windows, on your phone, on your hard drive.

Desktop Hintergrund Software + Free HD Wallpaper
Have access through the app to the beautiful HD Screen backgrounds and premium wallpapers on our website.

Open any files or directories in your computer easily
Not only can you easily access the screen shortcuts via the EDO windows on your screen with MSTech EDO but you can also connect any file and folder to the EDO windows from any paths on your hard drive and have easy access to them as well. In reality you can access any commonly used files and folders classified by EDO windows on your desktop with Simple Desktop organizer.

Find your desired files and directories in EDO windows easily
No matter how many files and directories you have in each EDO window, the built-in search tool included in the windows helps you to quickly locate these.

Build as many EDO windows as you need
You can build unlimited windows for EDO, show / hide all of these. You can also hold some of the EDO and cover some of the others depending on your needs.

Enjoy feeling fresh
You wish you could appreciate beautiful background pictures, wouldn’t you?!

EDO desktop background tool
You will have access to some of the windows background setting directly via the device setup window with EDO screen background tool.
Have access to our website’s stunning HD screen backgrounds and premium wallpapers, download them free of charge, and keep your screen new and stunning.

Set your mobile screen resolution (Size) to any wallpaper
Easily change any images by the software context tool with your screen resolution (Size), and use them as your desktop wallpaper.

Set the colors of your EDO windows to your screen setting
Using EDO advanced color picker to quickly add any color to your EDO windows, and align the colors of the windows with your wallpaper / background color theme.


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