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MediaHuman YouTube Downloader Multilingual for Windows and Mac

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader is a convenient tool for those who have discovered a new movie’s favorite music video or trailer and want to keep it on your machine for offline viewing. Or you need a video lesson / tutorial downloaded. Our video downloader provides an ideal solution for these tasks. MediaHuman YouTube Downloader is a software tool specifically designed to help you capture YouTube clips and convert them to audio or other file formats.

The app features quite a modern and straightforward app, allowing all types of users to get around it quickly, without having to face problems.
The output format can be chosen from a pretty wide range of built-in file formats, such as MP4, FLV, WEBM, MP3, M4A and OGG, as well as others appropriate for various devices, including Apple TV, PSP, Wii, Xbox, iPad and iPod.

You should also be mindful that the bit rate and quality can be tested when you convert to audio. Pasting a URL can be achieved easily by using the hotkey “Ctrl+V” or by pressing the button “Paste URL.” There’s also an option that lets you create a URL list. This app utility helps you to automatically start downloading, receive updates when a connection has been added and when the grabbing has started or is through. You may hold the history for a day, week, or month, delegate a certain action when all processes are complete, and input limits for simultaneous downloads and speed limits, so as not to place any pressure on the output of your device.

From the settings panel you can either pick the output tab, or you can submit your iTunes playlist download contents. To conclude, MediaHuman YouTube Downloader is a very useful program with an easy-to-use and usable environment, large output sizes, low memory and CPU consumption and a reasonable response time.


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