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DiskBoss Ultimate / Enterprise v11.1.28

DiskBoss is an advanced file and disk management system that enables one to scan and locate files, perform disk space use analysis, identify and delete duplicate files, arrange files according to user-defined rules and policies, fault-tolerantly copy large quantities of data, synchronize disks and folders, clean up unused disk space and much more.

All file management operations are incorporated into a streamlined and easy-to-use GUI framework with an integrated file navigator that allows you to perform any necessary operation with a single click of the mouse. Using the GUI program or direct desktop shortcuts, commonly used file management operations can be pre-configured as user-defined commands.

DiskBoss is a highly extendable and customizable data management system that enables you to develop custom file classification plugins and file management operations using an transparent and easy-to-use XML-based format. Custom disk space analysis and file management operations may be incorporated into the software, conducted regularly at different time periods, conducted as conditional actions in other operations or automatically triggered by one or more alterations in a disk or directory.

Furthermore, IT administrators have extensively integrated databases to allow disk space analysis, file classification, duplex file detection and file search reports to be entered into a SQL database. Various Server and Desktop reports can be uploaded to a centralized SQL database to display charts showing the utilization disk space, categories of files as well as duplicate archives per user or per host and offering an objective view of how disk space is used, what kinds of archives are stored and how much space is lost in duplicate archives in the organization.

Finally, IT specialists and companies will be offered the DiskBoss Server-a server-based product version, running behind the service in full automatic and unattended mode, which can run all disk space analysis and file management operations. DiskBoss Server can be managed and configured locally or over the network using either the free network client G UI or the DiskBoss command line utilities to allow the user to incorporate the functionality and capabilities of DiskBoss into other products and solutions.

DiskBoss Ultimate / Enterprise Features:

  • Circuit space study
  • Organizing and classifying file
  • Scan and Cleanup Duplicate Files
  • Download and Wipe Bulk File
  • Automated file management based on policies
  • Synchronization of high-speed file
  • Safe Syncing File Stable
  • Copy operations of Safe File
  • Data migration fault-tolerant
  • Monitoring of real-time disk change
  • Reporting of Data Integrity


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