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Celemony Melodyne Studio 4 v4.2.4.001

Melodyne is a software application that allows you to edit audio in a more musical way than previously thought. In melody, you work with notes – and not with meaningless ripples. You can not only see where the music is faster or calmer, but also where the notes begin and end and where they are lying.

You can manipulate every note and have direct effects, textures, and triggers – and not only with vocal and monophonic instruments, but also with polyonic instruments like piano and guitar. Working with melody is like telling a singer to “sing this note a little more” or “give the pianist a little less weight in the chord”. – Hours, weeks, even years after recording sessions.

Complete melodyne. Melodyn4 Studio offers you all the functions of Mel Melodine, for both optimization and creative application on an unlimited number of tracks. You can edit the audio and musical content of your recording in such an intuitive way or make such distant changes without the audio tool

New technologies and a new degree of freedom for the entire Melodyn family. The event is releasing version 4 of its popular audio software, Melodyne. This is the most comprehensive update for the entire product family in the company’s history, emphasizing Melodyne 4 Studio

Highlights include the sound editor’s detection of its brand new sound design possibilities, DNA Direct Note access – finally, infinite tracks – and extremely accurate tempos. Additionally, Melodyn4 Studio now runs as a plug-in in your DAW – naturally, even at 64 bit resolution. Editors, assistants, and essentials – – Small Melodyne editions have also been added


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