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Celemony Capstan Pre-Activated

Music has been documented on mechanical mediums for over 100 years. And there has been a problem with that for over a hundred years: wow and flutter. Who is not familiar with the droning and dragging, the wobbling and warbling? Mechanical degradation caused by faulty devices or sticking tapes, ageing or storage faults. Wow and flutter were generally impossible to get rid of in the past. Countless recordings of famous orchestras, big bands and rock groups are slumbering deep in the archives at the moment. And yet, simply because of wow and flutter, they are unusable. The worthless tapes, the recordings lost to posterity. So far. For, for the first time in Capstan, there is now a program capable of removing wow and flutter from the recorded music. Whether on tape, vinyl, wax, shellac or compact cassette.

Musical intelligence

In addition to the lowest numbers, the Capstan algorithm can recognize continuous varyings of wow and flutter in musical form. The notes and fluctuations of Capstan are based on the patented Melodyne DNA Direct Note Access technology, a soft-talk app for pitch and timing editing that is used in studios around the world. In contrast to Melodyne, however, Capstan exclusively uses DNA note detection to remove wow and flutter with varispeed. It allows detailed editing to even allow you to manually draw the curve.

Precise control

You can precisely determine how far Capstan enters your music to correct wow and flutter. The corrections are made using high-Quality varicose vehicles, therefore no such devices are introduced as pitch-shifting or time-consuming algorithms.

The medium is irrelevant

Capstan is a purely digital solution, which can recognize the wow and flood of your music.

Many advantages

For removing wow and flutter Capstan is an easy to use and highly efficient solution:

  • Runs on Mac or PC and does not require further hardware
  • Treat all standard audio formats
  • For single, multi-chain, multi-track or single track recordings
  • Detection based on our patented technology for DNA Direct Access
  • High-quality varicose veins free of pitch-shifting or tensioning artifacts
  • Works even though a tape has been copied many times or digitalized in low resolution


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