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Axialis IconWorkshop Professional Edition Multilingual + Portable Edition

Make your own icons for Windows with IconWorkshop. Build Windows icons for Browsers, up to 256 x 256. Unix / Linux uses icons with PNG. IconWorkshop creates alpha-channel PNG images in just a few clicks, even from existing Windows icons. The latest icon generation uses variable opacity (alpha channel). This alpha transparency allows for the production of beautiful icons with smooth shadows and borders. IconWorkshop, completely supportive of alpha transparency, is the technical tool you need to build such icons.

IconWorkshop was designed with one purpose in mind: “Price icon.” The powerful editor allows to create the different image formats of an icon from an original drawing without any loss of quality.

Create Mobile icons: iPhone OS, Ios, Windows Phone
Current mobile phones and other media pocket tools identify new standards when designing applications. Their operating systems have advanced multi-touch interface, which adds a new level of ergonomics to the user experience. Icons have an important role to play in this setting to help the user work intuitively.

Develop, edit icons for Toolbars in Image Strips
The Axialis IconWorkshop is the only icon editor for building and editing toolbar Image Strips. If you’re a developer no longer struggle with big bitmaps! In the IconWorkshop, just open them, and edit each icon separately.

In BMP and PNG it can read all sorts of Image Strips. Transparency is provided by Alpha channels in 32 BPP images and by a fixed background color in 24 BPP or less images.


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