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Avanquest InPixio Photo Eraser 10.3.7447.32534 Multilingual – Pre-Activated

Tired of taking pictures of all those undesirable background images? Did you ever want to get rid of the sign behind your walking person or those people? So now in your photo you can delete something that you don’t want with Photo Eraser there. All you need to do is determine which picture to remove, pick it and click! Using the clone tool to blend the colors back in for a smooth, seamless look if there are any minor marks left behind. No one will ever realize that you erased something and the beautiful picture you tried to catch in the first place will be yours.

Too much we waste so much time trying to capture the last shot of the party. And, to show our colleagues, we ‘d like to take the most beautiful pictures from our journey. It seems almost impossible to get out of our pictures exactly what we want and we end up only having to settle for what we are seeing. With Photo Eraser there is no longer any need to think about background images that ruin our pictures and wait and wait for people to move and we can just get our family in the picture and not a bunch of strangers. Now you can easily delete such items as objects, signs, wires, outlines, numbers or dates.

Key Features:

  • Removes objects, logos, signs, numbers, shadows, street lights, etc.
  • Take the entire picture off.
  • Clone tool that repairs any slight color from removing pictures and can also be used to repair any skin defects.
  • Drop watermarks, labels, texts and
  • Straightforward and easy to use.
  • Provides clone tool for removing any blemishes
  • Delete items just 1-click away.
  • Tutorials and sample pictures are built in to start immediately.

Don’t risk your pictures with the magic

Don’t let people wander your holiday pictures in the background of your shots. Remove them easily and keep your pictures behind you with a natural look.

One day in a lifetime

It’s hard enough to catch this particular moment, let alone an unwanted thing. Don’t let it happen, just a few clicks away the target easily.

Ordinary in extraordinary

Take an current photograph and remove items from the mood. Only the slightest improvements may often enhance the beauty of a romantic landscape or setting.

InPixio Photo eRaser 7, what’s new:

The perfect shot

No need to think about waiting in a tourist hotspot for the ideal picture during your holiday. Only take a picture quickly and stop all the other visitors with Photo Eraser to get home.

Pixel by pixel

Image Eraser erases the object unwanted and restores pixels of your image.

Everyday objects

Hide your photo completely from unwanted artifacts. Signs, cables, people or any other thing that distracts you from what you want to catch is gone. Things like Delete your picture from the entire context.

A natural look

Image Eraser’s technological features automatically identify the parts of an image to fill in and make your new picture appear natural and smooth.

Blue screen technique

Take a snapshot of someone against a single colored backdrop, and use the blue screen technique used by professionals with a single button.

No need to be exact

Take the trouble to carefully pick images which take time and concentration. Many image processing systems require that you be correct and that the image has changed in any way may be very obvious.


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