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Acronis True Image 2020 Build 20600 Multilingual Bootable ISO

Acronis True Image is renowned primarily for its capacity to back up and restore. However, its function list goes much further than that, as it can be used to generate and restore drive and disk images when you need a clean system.

Restoring options

It is possible to restore the information even if Windows becomes unbootable as the suite enables you to generate a bootable rescue media (CD / DVD or USB storage device).

In addition, the Startup and Recovery Manager is capable of starting Acronis before loading the operating system, overwriting the master boot record and making the choice to boot directly into the program accessible.

In the Try mode, perform any unsafe procedure

Try & Decide function expands the package’s functionality, enabling you to make system modifications and discard them when restarting the system if they negatively affect the system. It also provides the option of applying all changes, however.

Mount virtual drives

It is possible to mount all backup files produced with Acronis True Image as virtual drives. You can therefore inspect the contents and even copy information without having to restore the whole file.

Different configuration and backup methods

The suite involves all periodic (complete, incremental and differential) backup forms to help you save your computer or Acronis Cloud information and perform sync activities across all your systems.

You may also split, validate and encrypt backups, create an exact copy of your entire partition, insert comments, shut down the computer at the end of the task, run a backup as another Windows user, adjust the compression level, send email notifications, and create exclusion lists.

Security and privacy tools

In addition to the strong backup characteristics that it provides, Acronis provides you with a suite of tools intended to assist you maintain the disks clean of unnecessary information. As such, the System Clean-up tool can search for and eliminate traces of Windows activity (temporary files and lists of history).

In addition, the bundle includes the possibility of sanitizing hard disk space by running a set of overwrite routines that prevent any deleted items from being recovered. Secure deletion is also on the list, Acronis provides a wide range of efficient algorithms for destruction (Peter Gutmann, Bruce Schneier, Russian and German norms, etc.).

Utilities for protection, backup and conversion

Users running Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise can combine the transformation capacities of Acronis with the Boot Sequence Manager to convert and boot system backup copies into VHD pictures. Plus, a safe partition can be designed to store backups on your disk.

The tool allows you to import / export backup settings from / to ZIP files and convert one or vice versa from Acronis backup to Windows.

All in all, Acronis True Image is proving to be one of the best software alternatives you can depend on when it comes to backup and recovery alternatives. It offers a user-friendly interface and a strong feature pack to help you save information online or locally.

Here are some “Acronis True Image 2019” main characteristics:

Full Image Backup

• Protect anything to recover with your system disk mirror picture or partition chosen. You can easily recover anything you need in the event of data loss – from your entire system to an individual file or folder.

IMPROVED! Active Protection from Ransomware

• Prevent ransomware from encrypting your files, infecting your network or damaging your system with Acronis Active Protection 2.0, our artificial intelligence and machine-based learning technology that detects and stops ransomware and reverses its effects automatically.

NEW! Acronis Survival Kit

• Create an internal drive all-in – one retrieval tool that includes everything you need to restart your system, including the necessary boot media and complete system picture backups.

NEW! Backup Cleanup Utility

• Free disk room by checking your backup files, choosing unnecessary versions manually, and deleting files that you no longer need. Gives you full control over the storage and versioning of your backup.

NEW! Back up when USB connects

• Plug in an internal USB and start saving your information automatically. This fresh event-based planning option simplifies the process for you if you prefer to use internal USB drives as your preferred backup location.

NEW FOR MAC! Active Disk Cloning

• Make an precise replica without having to stop and restart an active Windows or Mac system. It’s the simplest and most reliable way to migrate all your information to a bigger or quicker disk from the operating system and programs to files and preferences.

WinPE Media Builder

• Creating boot media easily allows you to restore your system to the same or new hardware. Create WinPE boot media to solve setup problems for the driver rapidly and configure network settings. Use the default Simple mode or customize your Advanced mode preferences.

NEW! Virtual Environment Support

Test programs and settings or operate your system as a virtual machine by converting complete picture backups to a virtual disk format. The 2019 edition utilizes a indigenous API to back up VMs for Mac users with Parallels Desktop 14 to recover them as a collection of immediately bootable documents.

Visual Control of Backups

• View the status of backups, file sizes, backup speeds, and number of backup versions. You’ll even see color-coded displays of how many photos, videos, music and documents are available to restore.

Flexible Management

• Schedule times, configure destinations, and select incremental, differential or customized backup forms from the complete picture.

File and Folder Backups

• Control your backup by selecting individual files and folders when you don’t want a full image copy.

Universal Restore

• Easily restore your current system to new hardware with our bootable media and driver injection technology.

Non-stop Local Backups

• Continue to work, play or surf: backups operate in the background without influencing the efficiency of your computer.

Security Dashboard

• Monitor potential threats, identify blocked activity, and approve trusted applications so they run uninterrupted.

Changed-Block Tracker

• Create incremental and differential backups with technology that monitors real-time picture changes up to three times quicker.

End-to-End Encryption

• Use superior AES-256 encryption to secure your backup, whether your information is on-site, in transit or in the cloud.

Try and Decide

• Test new software, drivers, system updates and knowing more safely that you can easily revert to your previous setup.


• Free disk space by shifting big or rarely used files to the cloud or local drive while keeping them simple to access.


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