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ABBYY FineReader Corporate Multilingual Pre-Activated

Today FineReader 12, the latest iteration of its award-winning Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and applications for document conversion, revealed ABBYY as a leading provider of document recognition and data capture as well as linguistic technologies and services. FineReader 12 provides enhanced performance for many processes and functions including faster document translation, the ability to quickly open documents of any length while OCR processing is running in the background, and instant recognition of a selected text or table area on the screen.

FineReader 12 also provides improved precision for OCR in business papers and in Asian, along with innovative technologies to improve images that allow users to create digital copies of documents with a higher visual quality than their originals. ABBYY FineReader ® 11 Professional OCR converts documents in editable formats including Microsoft Office & Searchable PDF accurate – allowing your content to be reused, archived and found faster. FineReader eliminates the need to retype documents and makes it easy to provide essential details. It offers immediate access and supports 190 languages in any combination to the entire document of any scale.

ABBYY FineReader is an OCR program designed to convert scanned documents, PDF documents and image files into editable formats, including digital images.


• Maximum Effectiveness OCR Background — FineReader 12 provides an innovative approach in the conversion of documents that enables users to immediately open, view and start working on a document of any size while it is still being worked out. Unlike conventional approaches requiring complete document identification prior to other actions, the OCR history of FineReader 12 saves considerable time by having direct access to all pages of a document at once. FineReader 12 also increases the pace of OCR processing up to 15% *.
FineReader 12 allows users to quickly copy a list, or a formatted document from any selected region without having to remember the whole document with its streamlined interface and newly added controls.
Improving Accuracy of Business Documents — the FineReader 12 contains the latest instrument that improves the level of identification, the presentation and the accuracy of business documents by eliminating color stamps and penmarks on scanned or images. This will also ensure that the graphs and certain other features common for business documents stay up to 30 per cent * more accurately.
• FineReader 12 increases table conversion by 40 percent *, minimizing time and effort when dealing with digital data from engineers, financial professionals or other specialists.
FineReader 12 continues to lead the market in the OCR language support, featuring an up to 15 percent improvement for OCRs, up to 10 percent improvement for Hebrews OCR and up to 20 percent increase in accuracy for Chinese , Japanese and Korean documents. • Enhanced accuracy for Chinese, Japanese , Korean, Arabic and Hebrew.
FineReader 12 provides easy access to common cloud storages such as Google DriveTM, DropboxTM, SkyDrive ® and more — Easy Data Saving and Retrending Files. Moreover, Microsoft SharePoint ® Online / Office 365TM direct integration further enables the exchange of documents.
• Improved ABBYY Camera OCR enables users to convert documents images into scanner image quality, and provides new photo processing features such as automatically copying multiple pictures and whitening the background to the original text. The new PreciseScan technology from ABBYY smoothes pixelated characters on searchable PDFs, enhancing the accuracy of visual documents, making them easier to read, archive or print.
• Easier and faster test and correction — The improved test-tool allows users to use both spelling and formating corrections with intuitive hot keys and tab controls that make checking fast.
• Enhanced Hot File in FineReader 12 Corporate — Improved Hot File for batch conversion now speeds up the overall phase of conversion, plus support for dual-core processing. In order to better organize the files or folders, it offers more versatile nameing options, which allow users to add prefixes and suffixes.
• Windows 8 compliant — ABBYY FineReader 12 is fully Windows 8 compliant and uses modern OS features, such as the ability to scroll and drag on laptops using simple touchscreens.

ABBYY FineReader 12 benefits

• Rapid and precise OCR
• Most languages in the world help
• Monitoring and modification of the OCR outcomes
• User interface intuitive
• Recognition of record pictures
• Enables multiple storage formats and services in the cloud.
• Free technical assistance (only applicable to authorized users)

PC Requirements

Operating System
• Microsoft ® Windows ® 10 / 8,1 / 8 / 7 / Microsoft ® Windows ® 10 / 8,1
• 2012/2012 R2/2008 /2008 R2/2003 Microsoft Windows Server ®
• A corresponding language support is required to work with localized interfaces.

• PC with or above 1 GHz
• RAM 1024 MB
• A further 512 MB RAM is required for any additional processor core of a multiprocessor device.
• 850 MB hard disk space and 850 MB of free space for optimum program activity for standard program installation;
• 1280 to 1024 pixel video card or higher

Other Equipment
• TWAIN-compatible scanners, WIA-compatible peripherals (MFPs) and all-in-one systems are provided by Fine Réader.
• Digital Cameras Recommended Requirements:
— Camera of 5 megapixel (at least 2 megapixel)
– Remove Flash Feature
– Manual transparency or priority transparency mode –
– Concentrations manual
– A shock control device or tripod use is advisable.
– Zoom optics –




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